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Healthcare Packaging Market Trends, Statistics, Growth, and Forecasts

The global healthcare packaging market is experiencing steady growth and is expected to grow at a rate of 5.43% during the period 2021-2026. The majority of the market growth currently stems from North America although emerging economies also account for a significant percentage of the growth.

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Market Overview

The growth of the healthcare packaging market is primarily driven by the growing number of pharmaceutical formulations, increased incidence of ailments, and high demand for convenient packaging solutions. The pharmaceutical industry is subjected to intense regulatory scrutiny. Thus, ensuring safety and preventing adulteration are the top concerns of pharmaceutical companies besides cost. One common risk faced by the companies is that of additive leaching into the liquid drug formulations.

Increased adoption of pre-fillable syringes is expected to propel the growth of the market during the forecast period. The growing demand for pre-fillable syringes is fuelling innovations in syringes such as the designing of multi-chambered syringes and the adoption of technology to reduce leachable and extractables. Pre-fillable syringes offer several advantages such as minimization of drug waste, extension of product life, and convenience in drug administration.

The parenteral containers market is expected to grow at the second-highest rate among all the segments, showcasing a rate of 9.41% during the forecast period. These containers are popular because they help maintain the high bioavailability of the drug and fast action rates. The use of these containers lowers the risk of contamination as they are made of highly aseptic products. Some of the other trends in the market are the integration of packaging products with protective technologies, the growing popularity of superior plastics as a raw material, an increase in contract manufacturing, an increase in the demand for blister packs, and the growing use of child-resistant and tamper-evident packaging.

With increases in the demand for and the supply of products, the healthcare industry has become a significant contributor to the GDP of most countries. In the overall healthcare industry, the pharmaceuticals segment accounts for the highest share. One of the major factors driving the healthcare market is advances in technology to improve the lives of patients. Improving the lives of patients involves finding better treatment as well as making sure that patients have access to medications when they require them. Thus, new inventions in the industry not only foster medical development, but also try to ensure that patients have easy access to the medicines leading to innovations in packaging.

The packaging of pharmaceutical products is a dynamic process that requires special care and attention, with different products having different criteria for packaging. The safety of drugs is the most important element to be recognised in all packaging modes. Packaging materials are chosen according to the requirement of the medicines or products so that the products reach the customers in the appropriate condition. With the emergence of different healthcare procedures and advancements in drug- delivery technologies, life expectancy will improve further during the forecast period.

Research Methodology

Major Players

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Table Of Contents

1. Research Methodology and Scope

2. Market Overview

3. SWOT Analysis of Agriculture Market

        3.1 Strengths

        3.2 Weakness

        3.3 Opportunities

        3.4 Threats

4. Agriculture Market

        4.1 Grains

        4.2 Livestock

        4.3 Sugar

        4.4 Dairy

        4.5 Others

5. Commodity Price Analysis

6. Production and Consumption Analysis

7. Agrochemicals Market Analysis

8. Trade (Import-Export Analysis)

9. Regional Agri Market Analysis

10. Global Agriculture Market Analysis

11. Appendix

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Healthcare Packaging Market Trends, Statistics, Growth, and Forecasts
Healthcare Packaging Market Trends, Statistics, Growth, and Forecasts
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