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Global Temperature Sensors Market Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020-2026)

Global Temperature Sensors Market size, Outlook and Growth Opportunities to 2026: By Type (Contact-Type Temperature Sensor, Noncontact-Type Temperature Sensor), By End-User Industry (Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Automotive, Advanced fuels, Metals & mining, Glass, Pulp & Paper, Energy & Power, Chemicals, Oil & gas, Aerospace & Defense, Others) and By Region

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Market Snapshot

Global Temperature Sensors market is poised to report a 5.62% during 2020-2026. APAC is anticipated to offer lucrative growth opportunities to market players in this region owing to robust growth in the manufacturing and the semiconductor and electronics industries. Temperature sensors market for the energy & power industry is expected to grow at a high rate in future due to an increasing population along with high demand for energy and power in emerging economies are the market growth.

Market Overview

Global Temperature Sensors market is improving due to increasing demand for Advanced and portable healthcare equipment. Technological advancements in the petrochemical industry, huge demand of medical sensors due to increasing number of diseases, and tremendous growth of tablets and mobile phones are also boosting the temperature sensor market growth. Additionally, the growth is supported by the stringent government regulations permitting the use of temperature sensors in applications to ensure over heating issues.

Technical awareness about sensor and heating issues in extreme condition are the key restraints which impede the market growth. In addition, technological advancements are expected to provide huge opportunities for the market in future.

Segmentation by Product

The chemicals end-user industry is projected to dominate the market over the forecast period. High demand for advanced and portable healthcare equipment is fueling the market growth. Intense technological developments that include advanced patient monitoring systems and portable health monitoring systems, demand for temperature sensors is on the rise. Temperature control plays an important role in food safety management. In food safety management, temperature controlling or monitoring is required in various stages, such as cooking, reheating, refrigeration, cooling, freezing, and defrosting.

Segmentation by Geography

Asia-Pacific region is holding the highest growth as this region has strong demand for consumer equipment, including portable healthcare electronics and white goods. In addition, the increasing industrial automation, especially in automotive and food & beverages sectors, will generate more demand for temperature sensors in this region

Competitive Landscape

Porter Five Forces Analysis

Major Players

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Table of Contents

1. Research Methodology and Scope

2. Executive Summary

3. Impact of COVID-19 on Temperature Sensors

4. Market Dynamics

        4.1 Drivers

        4.2 Restraints

        4.3 Porters Five Forces Analysis

5. Competitive Landscape

        5.1 Key Strategies Adopted by Major Companies

6. Temperature Sensors Market Segmentation by Product Type

        6.1 Contact Type Temperature Sensor

        6.2 Non-Contact Type Temperature Sensor

7. Temperature Sensors Market Segmentation by End-User

        7.1 Consumer Electronics

        7.2 Energy and Power

        7.3 Chemicals

        7.4 Aerospace and Defence

        7.5 Healthcare

        7.6 Oil and Gas

        7.7 Food and Beverage

        7.8 Automotive

        7.9 Advanced Fuels

        7.10 Glass

        7.11 Paper and Pulp

        7.12 Metals and Mining

8. Temperature Sensors Market by Geography

        8.1 North America

                 8.1.1 United States

                 8.1.2 Canada

                 8.1.3 Mexico

        8.2 Europe

                 8.2.1 United Kingdom

                 8.2.2 France

                 8.2.3 Italy

                 8.2.4 Germany

                 8.2.5 Rest of Europe

        8.3 Asia-Pacific

                 8.3.1 China

                 8.3.2 India

                 8.3.3 Japan

                 8.3.4 Australia

                 8.3.5 Rest of Asia-Pacific

        8.4 South America

                 8.4.1 Brazil

                 8.4.2 Rest of South America

        8.5 Middle East and Africa

9. Temperature Sensors Company Profiles

        9.1 Integrated Device Technology

        9.2 Microchip Technology

        9.3 Kongsberg Gruppen

        9.4 Global Mixed Mode Technology

        9.5 Amphenol

        9.6 Maxim Integrated

        9.7 Honeywell International

        9.8 Texas Instruments

        9.9 Analog Devices

        9.10 ABB Limited

10. Appendix

Research Methodology

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Global Temperature Sensors Market Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020-2026)
Global Temperature Sensors Market Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020-2026)
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