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Mobile Robotics Market Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020-2026)

The mobile robot market analysis by BIS Research projects the market to grow at a significant CAGR of 18.62% on the basis of revenue during the forecast period from 2020 to 2025. North America dominated the global mobile robot market with a share of 40.20% in 2019. North America, including the major countries such as the U.S. and Canada, is another prominent region for the mobile robot market.

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Market Overview

The global mobile robot market is likely to showcase a high growth rate, owing to the growing usage of robots in emerging countries for varied applications, the advancing technology, and the increasing concerns for labor safety and human. Recent innovations and government funding and initiatives in robotics and AI domain have enabled the solution providers to reach a wider segment of consumers in the industry

Scope of the Global Mobile Robot Market

The mobile robot market research provides detailed market information for segmentation on the basis of product type, component, application, and region. The purpose of this market analysis is to examine the mobile robot market outlook in terms of factors driving the market, market trends, technological developments, and competitive benchmarking, among other aspects.

The report further takes into consideration the market dynamics and the competitive landscape, along with the detailed financial and product contribution of the key players operating in the market.

Global Mobile Robot Market Segmentation

While highlighting the key driving and restraining forces for this market, the report also provides a detailed study of the different solutions, which includes types, applications, and components of robots.

The mobile robot market is segregated by region under four major regions, namely North America, Europe, APAC, and Rest-of-the-World. Data for each of these regions by country is also provided.

Key Companies in the Global Mobile Robot Industry

The key market players in the global mobile robot market include AUBO Robotics, Blue Ocean Robotics, Clearpath Robotics Inc, Eddyfi, Fetch Robotics, GE Inspection Robotics, Locus Robotics, Lockheed Martin, Mobile Industrial Robots, Northrop Grumman, QinetiQ Group, Seegrid Corporation, Swisslog Holding AG, and Transbotics Corporation

Competitive Landscape

Porter Five Forces Analysis

Major Players

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Table of Contents

1. Research Methodology and Scope

2. Executive Summary

3. Impact of COVID-19 on Mobile Robotics Market

4. Market Dynamics

        4.1 Drivers

        4.2 Restraints

5. Competitive Landscape

        5.1 Key Strategies Adopted by Major Companies

6. Mobile Robotics Market Segmentation by Type (Value and Volume Data)

        6.1 Field Robots

        6.2 Cleaning and Sanitization Robots

        6.3 Inspection and Maintenance Robots

        6.4 Logistics Robots

        6.5 Military Robots

        6.6 Hospitality Robots

        6.7 Others

7. Mobile Robotics Market Segmentation by Offerings

        7.1 Software

        7.2 Hardware

        7.3 Services

8. Mobile Robotics Market Segmentation by Component

        8.1 Hardware

        8.2 Software

9. Mobile Robotics Market Segmentation by Component

        9.1 Commercial

        9.2 Industrial

        9.3 Healthcare and Hospitality

        9.4 Energy, Utility, and Mining

        9.5 Defense

10. Mobile Robotics Market by Geography

        10.1 North America

                 10.1.1 United States

                 10.1.2 Canada

                 10.1.3 Mexico

        10.2 Europe

                 10.2.1 United Kingdom

                 10.2.2 France

                 10.2.3 Italy

                 10.2.4 Germany

                 10.2.5 Rest of Europe

        10.3 Asia-Pacific

                 10.3.1 India

                 10.3.2 China

                 10.3.3 Japan

                 10.3.4 Rest of Asia-Pacific

        10.4 South America

                 10.4.1 Brazil

                 10.4.2 Rest of South America

        10.5 Middle East and Africa

11. Mobile Robotics Market Company Profiles

        11.1 Aethon Inc

        11.2 Fetch Robotics

        11.3 Aubo Robotics

        11.4 Mobile Industrial Robots

        11.5 Blue Ocean Robotics

        11.6 Northrop Grumman

        11.7 Clearpath Robotics

        11.8 GE Inspection Robotics

        11.9 Eddyfi

        11.10 Locus Robotics

12. Appendix

Research Methodology

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Mobile Robotics Market Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020-2026)
Mobile Robotics Market Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020-2026)
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