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Global Grapes Market Report (2020-2026)

Grapes are one among the top 20 agricultural commodities produced worldwide. Europe is the largest grape-producing region accounting for 45.7% of the global grape production, followed by Asia-Pacific (26%) and the Americas (20.1%). Italy, France, the United States, Spain, and China are the top five grape-producing countries in the world

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Market Overview

The prices of the grape across the world majorly depend on the production and consumption and is hence volatile and the price change according to the demand and supply. The grape farming is a high profitable crop but is a very risky crop due to high investment in the crop. Because of the high investment and volatile prices of the corps, farmers are not interested in growing these crops. Governments of many regions are providing minimum export value for the crops which is help in the further growth the grapes market. Despite many challenges, the grape sector has a lot of potential to grow due to high value of the commodity and increasing demand for wine.

Market Dynamics

The global agricultural sector is growing at a rapid rate due to increasing population and growing demand for food grains. Changing consumer preferences for higher consumption of fruits has increased the demand for fruits and the per capita consumption of fruits has increased by over 10% form 2000 – 2015 and higher consumption of fruits is driving the grapes market. Health benefits associated with the consumption of grapes is also driving the consumption of grape fruits globally. Grape are majorly used for the production of wine and increasing demand for wine is increasing the demand for grape which is one of the major factor for the growth of the grapes. The annual spend on the fruits is increasing at rate of 11% and this increase is due to the overall growth of the fruits which include grapes. Though there are many factors for the growth of the grapes market there are some factors which are restraining their use. High presence of chemical residues on the fruits and limit of pesticide usage has impacted wine industry and because of this the prices of the grapes are also increasing. To reduce the pesticide limit on the grapes, many companies and government organizations are closing working with the farmers and is creating awareness among the consumers limiting the use of pesticides. Lack of quality grapes is another major challenge for the growth of the grapes market.

Segmentation by Geography

USA is one of the major producer of grapes globally. The United States grapes market is driven by favorable price trends and expanding export markets. The United States grapes market has witnessed an increasing price for grapes, which is greatly derived from increasing global demand for grape based products, and less than proportionate growth in production. US is one of the major exporter of grapes as well, with a CAGR of 6.97% during the period of 2014 – 2019. The trend of increase in US export share is also due to the decrease in the production of grape producing nations such as Australia

Competitive Landscape

The major grape importing countries are Untied States, United Kingdom, Germany, and China and the major companies in these regions are listed below. The market is a fragmented market with no major company holding a major market share. There are a large number of players, dealing with fresh and dried grapes in the world. Majority of the countries are re-exporting the grape fruits and are not producing the grape fruits in their country. The top companies have a large network chain and have their presence in even in rural areas. Majority of the trade companies export grapes for supplying to wine companies.

Porters Five Forces Analysis

Major Players

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Table of Contents

1. Research Methodology and Scope

2. Executive Summary

3. Impact of COVID-19 on Grapes Market

4. Market Dynamics

        4.1 Drivers

        4.2 Restraints

5. Competitive Landscape

        5.1 Key Strategies Adopted by Major Companies

        5.2 Company Share Analysis

        5.3 Value Chain Analysis

        5.4 Supply Chain Analysis

7. Grapes Market by Region

        7.1 North America

                 7.1.1 United States

                 7.1.2 Canada

                 7.1.3 Mexico

        7.2 Europe

                 7.2.1 United Kingdom

                 7.2.2 Spain

                 7.2.3 Italy

                 7.2.4 Germany

                 7.2.5 France

                 7.2.6 Rest of Europe

        7.3 Asia-Pacific

                 7.3.1 China

                 7.3.2 India

                 7.3.3 Japan

                 7.3.4 South Korea

                 7.3.5 Rest of Asia-Pacific

        7.4 South America

                 7.4.1 Brazil

                 7.4.2 Rest of South America

        7.5 Middle East and Africa

8. Appendix

Research Methodology

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Global Grapes Market Report (2020-2026)
Global Grapes Market Report (2020-2026)
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